Why is a membership fee charged to me monthly?

Can you tell me why I should pay your extra fees for healthcare?

What can I expect from Midwest Health Group in return for my membership fees?

Can I pay for a visit instead of subscribing?

Is this a binding contract for a set period? Can I cancel without penalty?

What if I cancel my membership then change my mind?

Is this concierge medicine?

Do you accept members with chronic health conditions?

Do I have to meet income standards to be a member?

I rarely have to see the doctor because I am healthy, is this service for me?

What if I live out of state or far away? Can I subscribe for online visits only?


What will it cost me to join?

What services are included and excluded in my membership?

Are there any hidden fees?

Do you provide lab work and testing?

If any fees are incurred during my visit, when am I expected to make payment?

How much will my first visit cost?

How much does a well visit cost?


What are your regular clinic hours?

Are you available on evenings and weekends?

Do you take walk-ins or do I need to make an appointment?

How long are doctor visits?

What if I want to visit often? Can I come in often and still pay no copays?

What if I need outside care such as specialists, diagnostic testing, ER visits, surgeries, or hospital stays?

Do you see patients by phone, email, or webcam?

Insurance & Health Plans

Is Midwest Health Group offering a different type of health insurance?

Is Midwest Health Group a substitute for health insurance?

Can Midwest Health Group bill my insurance plan?

Does membership with Midwest Health Group satisfy the insurance requirement in the Affordable Care Act?

What type of insurance would you recommend?

Do you accept Medicaid/Medicare?

May I submit claims to my health insurance plan for reimbursement for your services?

Can I use my FSA or HSA cards with Midwest Health Group?

If I join Midwest Health Group but have a PPO can I still use it? What about an HMO?

Medical Services

Is this an alternative medicine practice?

Can I get women's care here? Do you do pap smears?

Does Midwest Health Group do pediatrics?

Do you give vaccines?


What are Midwest Health Group's views and policies on vaccines? Are the doctors vaccine-friendly?

Can you manage chronic pain? Do you prescribe narcotics?

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