Did you know that you can eliminate the middleman and save money on health care for your employees? At Midwest Health Group, we help employees receive better health care at a lower cost to you. Our mission is to be a direct primary care (DPC) clinic to provide for your health needs while avoiding insurance and the red tape it requires. In addition to the primary care of your employees, we provide wellness programs and occupational health services.

Healthy, happy employees=productive employees

We provide efficient, easily understandable, reasonably priced health care that meets the needs of employees and families. We will always strive to keep our members healthy…and happy.

Healthy, happy bosses=better workplace

Our innovative, hassle-free direct primary care services can address most health issues without copays, deductibles or worrying about getting a timely appointment.

Direct Primary Care

So what exactly is direct primary care and what makes it different than any other primary care office? The answer is rather simple, yet huge: we work for our patients, not for the insurance company. By directly contracting with our patients, we save money as an office, and pass those savings onto the patient. Yet, in this avoidance, we also can offer far better care when the patient-doctor relationship is direct and not through a third party.

Your workers will not pay copays..they won’t wait for days to see a doctor, they won’t have to stay home from work—or worse yet, spread sickness to other employees. We work hard to make those employees healthy.

Our office is high-tech and we can offer online services, after-hour care and so much more. Our members love our friendly staff and you will too. We offer you, as the employer, a significant savings. Your employees will be happier and healthier, and therefore more productive at work.

We are a great choice for full-time and part-time employees, and even retirees. Our prices are right for your employees, which encourages participation without the insurance-based hassle they have so often encountered.

We can also minimize work disruption with our same-day visits. We focus on prevention, which can keep your employees healthy. We also offer disease management strategies, which improve the quality of life for those who suffer from chronic illnesses.

Comprehensive, Efficient, and Convenient

We provide our members with a comprehensive package of care which includes mental health, screening, and tests. We do manage referrals and hospital stays. With the typical participation level of employees, our savings for employers is 30-50% over traditional primary-care insurance plans.

Your employees can get in to see a doctor the very same day they call to schedule an appointment and can often be back within a couple of hours. This efficiency reduces time away from work and serves to identify threatening signs of health risks at an earlier stage.

Employer Services

With our cutting-edge technology, we give employers and their employees exactly what they need to measure results, drive up wellness and drive down costs. We partner with employers, implementing health-management programs for employees to help institute great productivity growth.